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Thread: Man, 20, asked to show ID to buy a bottle of water

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    Default Man, 20, asked to show ID to buy a bottle of water

    True story: Joshua Tracey, 20, had picked up a bottle of Smart Water at an Esso BP garage in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, on his way home from shopping with his girlfriend Lizzie Turvey. But as the liquid contains electrolytes, which can also be found in energy drinks, the woman at the cashier asked him to prove that he was over 18. Continue reading

    ID for buying bottled water??? Geez Louise, insult on top of injury. Or perhaps the clerk was a Candid Camera clown or comedian Howie Mandel in drag as aka "Harriet":
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    Default Re: Man, 20, asked to show ID to buy a bottle of water

    My 16 yr. old niece has 4 different fake IDs, all claiming she is 18 or older. Young kids aren't the least bit deterred by an ID requirement these days. Lol. To the point, though, this is a ridiculous requirement.

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    Default Re: Man, 20, asked to show ID to buy a bottle of water

    But you can buy energy drinks in any supermarket. This is nuts!

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