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Thread: The Diet/Depression Link In Teenagers

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    Default The Diet/Depression Link In Teenagers

    Melissa smith
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    Could increasing mental health problems in Gen Z teenagers be linked to diet?

    The rising trend in mental health problems in adolescents and young adults shows no sign of abating. According to research published in the International Journal of Epidemiology, UK-born Gen Z teenagers are nearly two-thirds more likely to suffer from depression than those born in the early nineties. They are also more likely to be overweight, sleep less and self-harm. However, they were less likely to indulge in traditional risk-taking activities such as smoking, sexual activity, drinking and cannabis use.
    Sadly, this isnít new news. Instead, itís a ticking time bomb thatís largely being ignored and putting children and future generations in harmís way.

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    Default Re: The Diet/Depression Link In Teenagers

    I have 2 Generation Z grands. And, I'm concerned about them on so many levels: the most vaccinated generation ever in the history of the world; food that contains more chemicals, GMOs, & artificial ingredients than ever before; increasingly forgoing face-to-face interactions in favor of interacting on social media or through text messages, etc. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, it's easy to understand why mental health issues will abound with Gen Zers. They truly live in a world unlike anything I've ever known.

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    Default Re: The Diet/Depression Link In Teenagers

    They are also the unhealthiest generation ever: consider autism, asthma, anxiety, allergies, attention-deficit disorder, and that's just the As. There have never been so many children enrolled in "Special Ed" classes because of intellectual deficits. I went to a grammar school with 48 children in the classroom, and while some lights shone brighter than others, there were no kids so slow as to need special attention. Many forces have changed, and not for the better.
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