Mark Blaxill
February 23, 2017

Note from the Editor-at-Large. The editors at Age of Autism want to clarify the record on the leak of the vaxxed/unvaxxed paper. We were in possession of an embargoed draft of the paper when it was set to be published on line in late November by the journal Frontiers in Pediatrics. Dan Olmsted and I had written a news story on the study, a revised version of which we have now published below. We respected the embargo at every stage and have never published anything about the study or its findings until today. Via different channels, a draft copy of the paper was published on a different web-site and has now become widely available. That makes the study and its leaked contents news that is highly relevant to our readers, so we are obligated to cover the story. We do so with sadness, since we share the concerns of many that this leak jeopardizes subsequent publication of the study, thereby impairing its scientific impact.

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