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Thread: Whooping Cough Outbreak Hits Harvard-Westlake (Los Angeles County)

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    Default Whooping Cough Outbreak Hits Harvard-Westlake (Los Angeles County)

    Paige Austin
    Feb 26, 2019

    LOS ANGELES, CA — Thirty students at the private Harvard-Westlake School have become sickened with whooping cough in part of what health department officials say are three clusters of the outbreak scattered countywide.
    The highly contagious illness appear to spreading among middle-schoolers and teens who share classrooms and carpools, according to the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.
    ...Asked about vaccine policies, Engelberg said only 18 of Harvard- Westlake's roughly 1,600 students have medical exemptions allowing them to opt out of immunizations. None of those children have contracted pertussis, he said.

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