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Thread: Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Cancer & Bras

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    Default Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Cancer & Bras

    Louise Kuo Habakus
    July 1, 2014

    [Note from Pattypans: I omitted some non-essential beginning material in order to include what seems more important and still keep close to the suggested word count.]

    Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer authored a book called Dressed To Kill. They interviewed 4,000+ women in five major U.S. cities over two years. Half the women had been diagnosed with breast cancer. They found:

    75% of women who slept in their bras developed breast cancer
    1 in 7 who wore their bras 12+ hours per day developed breast cancer
    1 in 168 who did not wear a bra developed breast cancer

    Within one month of ditching their bras, women with cysts, breast pain, or tenderness found their symptoms disappeared.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Cancer & Bras

    Good for me. Imma gonna live forever! Who needs to look like a 20 year old woman at age 70?

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    Default Re: Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Cancer & Bras

    I wear a bra in winter for comfort only - I feel the cold when the weather cools. It's like putting on an extra sweater! But I do wish I could find bras without padding and underwires. Seems impossible these days. Best I can do is a pull on bra with no hooks - it's light and fairly comfortable.

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    Default Re: Dressed To Kill: The Link Between Cancer & Bras

    It's so nice to be retired. I rarely have to look "professional." Unless I'm leaving home, I don't wear the damn thing... and not even then, in winter when I'm running errands in a heavy jacket. I have to add, though, that well-endowed women need support; a family member had breast reduction surgery to put an end to the backaches.
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