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Thread: 6 Surprising Myths About Anti-Oxidants

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    Default 6 Surprising Myths About Anti-Oxidants

    Brian Syuki
    March 17 2019

    Many people believe that antioxidants are some kind of panacea. They’re said to cure cancer, supercharge the immune system, prevent aging, and much more. How much of this is true?
    The global market for antioxidants is projected to reach 3.11 billion dollars by 2020. With such a huge market, many people will peddle lies about antioxidants to make a quick buck.
    Antioxidants have become popular, because they’re said to neutralize free radicals, which damage our cells and increase the risk of aging, cancer and chronic diseases.

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    Default Re: 6 Surprising Myths About Anti-Oxidants

    Was not aware of some of these myths. Most everyone is aware of Vitamin C, but few know that it is among the most potent, beneficial of all antioxidants.

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