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Thread: Table of vaccines and ingredients; MMR package insert

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    Default Table of vaccines and ingredients; MMR package insert

    Vaccine Excipient & Media Summary
    Excipients Included in U.S. Vaccines, by Vaccine
    from the CDC

    In addition to weakened or killed disease antigens (viruses or bacteria), vaccines contain very small amounts of other ingredients – excipients or media.
    Some excipients are added to a vaccine for a specific purpose. These include:
    Preservatives, to prevent contamination. For example, thimerosal.
    Adjuvants, to help stimulate a stronger immune response. For example, aluminum salts.
    Stabilizers, to keep the vaccine potent during transportation and storage. For example, sugars or gelatin.
    Others are residual trace amounts of materials that were used during the manufacturing process and removed. These include: Cell culture materials, used to grow the vaccine antigens. For example, egg protein, various culture media.
    Inactivating ingredients, used to kill viruses or inactivate toxins. For example, formaldehyde.
    Antibiotics, used to prevent contamination by bacteria. For example, neomycin.


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    Default Re: Table of vaccines and ingredients; MMR package insert

    This is a nice, comprehensive summary of vaccine ingredients. I bookmarked the chart for easy, future reference.

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