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Thread: Pregnancy and dental concerns..!!

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    Default Pregnancy and dental concerns..!!

    As my wife felt a kind of toothache. She went to consult a dentist in Ajax, and he advised her to take the root canal treatment as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can spread into severe infection, but as she is five months pregnant, she is confused to take the treatment. She didn't tell her dentist about the pregnancy. Does she need to tell her dentist that she is pregnant? Is it safe to get dental work done while pregnant? Do anyone aware of taking up such dental procedure in Ajax during pregnancy? I hope someone here could help me out. Looking forward to your suggestions and opinions. Any help would be highly appreciated.

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    Default Re: Pregnancy and dental concerns..!!

    Here is one of a few Dr. Mercola articles on the dangers of root canals:

    I have had 3 titanium implants at various times over the years since 2005, one of which was the result of a root canal having gone bad within one year. I had insisted on trying that failed procedure, as opposed to the implant, because I was impatient, and learned the hard way that I should have opted for the implant in the first place, which was finally done anyway to redo the failed root canal.

    My own dentist told me that the cost of the implant wasn't that much more than the root canal, especially when one factors in the typical root canal failures, with all the resulting long term infections, as explained in this Mercola link. And there seem to be many more dentist doing implants this day, as I see quite a few TV ads promoting the concept. Competition can be a good thing.

    If your own dentist does not do implants, find one that does. And I have read over the years the zirconium implants are a better choice than the 3 successful titanium implants that I have, so it pays to do some more research, good luck.
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    Default Re: Pregnancy and dental concerns..!!

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