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Thread: Texan Scientist Called 'Foolish' For Arguing The Immune System Could Fiight Cancer

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    Default Texan Scientist Called 'Foolish' For Arguing The Immune System Could Fiight Cancer

    Full title: A Texan Scientist Was Called 'Foolish' For Arguing The Immune System Could Fight Cancer: Then He Won The Nobel Prize

    Timothy Bella
    March 25 2019

    AUSTIN — It was Christmas Eve 1994, and James P. Allison was testing his theory that T cells, a type of white blood cell that fights viral and bacterial infections, could help the immune system fight cancer. That week, he was covering for a postdoc aide on a European trip, who’d injected cancerous mice with an antibody to activate T cells to go after tumors. The results were stunning: All of those given the antibody became cancer-free, while the mice not provided with the antibody saw their tumors grow until they eventually died

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