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Thread: Could Parasites Help Heal Autoimmmune Diseases?

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    Default Could Parasites Help Heal Autoimmmune Diseases?

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    Intestinal organisms can be a trigger for troubling health issues. But new research finds they can also help the body heal, especially from autoimmune diseases.
    In 1999, Judy Smith (not her real name) was a single mother in Chappaqua, N.Y., struggling to care for her young autistic son. For years, he had spent much of his time in the basement, gyrating on a swing. Chronic gastrointestinal *issues made his stomach so distended he resembled a malnourished child; his affect was so flat he seemed absent from the world.

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    Default Re: Could Parasites Help Heal Autoimmmune Diseases?

    Interesting. I heard about this on public radio years ago but have seen nothing more recently until this.
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    Default Re: Could Parasites Help Heal Autoimmmune Diseases?

    The concept makes sense: give the immune system something to attack, instead of attacking its host. But, the mom took a real risk purchasing helminth worms (larvae) on the internet. Perhaps, she was just that desperate. I do believe our overly sterile environment has contributed significantly to the growth of autoimmune diseases.

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