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Thread: Chemical Exposure Associated With Early Puberty

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    Default Chemical Exposure Associated With Early Puberty

    ANH International
    April 11 2019

    Scroll down to last article.

    A new study adds to a growing body of evidence that exposure to a wide range of endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in personal care products could be contributing to the triggering of early puberty in girls. Early puberty has been linked to increased risks of developing cancer, particularly breast and uterine, in later life. If you have young daughters, find out more about the risks of EDCs and how you can help to reduce their exposure.

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    Default Re: Chemical Exposure Associated With Early Puberty

    I would say that endocrine-disrupting chemicals are not limited to personal care products; I suspect that our environment is riddled with them. The most common evidence may be the gender-bending effect on amphibians.
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