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Thread: Bad LDL Protects Against Cancer

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    Default Bad LDL Protects Against Cancer

    March 28 2012

    LDL cholesterol - the 'bad' variety that is the target of the multi-billion pound statin drugs industry - protects us against cancer. People with naturally low levels are more likely to develop the disease over their lifetime, new research has suggested.
    The discovery, from Tufts Medical Center, adds to the growing list of health benefits of LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol, which medicine believes blocks arteries, and causes heart disease.

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    Default Re: Bad LDL Protects Against Cancer

    I got excited when I saw this years ago because my LDL tends to be higher than my doc likes. But, over the past 7 years since this study was published, I've seen other studies concluding that cholesterol & cancer are not connected. Instead, researchers believe there is some other phenomenon that affects low LDL and cancer, but the two are not connected. I'll find some current research on the matter.

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    Default Re: Bad LDL Protects Against Cancer

    I've become convinced that unless you have familial hypercholesterolemia, there is no such thing as too much cholesterol. Your body put it to use in too many ways.
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