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Thread: ANH Science Check - Low Fat Debunked

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    Default ANH Science Check - Low Fat Debunked

    ANH International
    Robert Verkerk
    April 17 2019

    The journal article we’re going to review in this video was published on the 6th April 2019 in the Lipids in Health and Disease journal, under the BMC Springer Nature banner. The authors are Yongjian Zhu, Yacong Bo and Yanhua Liu from Zhengzhou University Hospital and the Chinese University of Hong Kong.
    The study is a particular type of meta-analysis, a meta-analysis being a study of studies in which all the included studies are combined and analysed together. What’s important about this study is it’s a meta-analysis of cohort studies – in other words studies of population groups – that aims to better understand the effects of dosage of dietary fats on the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: ANH Science Check - Low Fat Debunked

    It will take a ton of these studies to reverse 30 years of propaganda about how bad fat is for you. I did note that the "quality" of fat was a key point. So, fat from olive oil, omega-3 fish oil, grass-fed meats, etc. are the best choices for obtaining fat.

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    Default Re: ANH Science Check - Low Fat Debunked

    Not forgetting butter* and coconut oil!

    *I like President brand. Grass-fed, tastes most like the homemade I remember from the years when we had dairy cows.
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