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Thread: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

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    Default Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    Thanks for sharing, grulla. The one constant thought I have about population growth is "where will all these people live?" At the same time the population is expanding, the ice sheets in both Greenland and Antarctica are melting at a rapid pace, while the ocean waters continue to expand due to warming. As sea levels rise, millions, upon millions, of people throughout the world will be displaced and forced to live on less land than we have today. If we know we're losing land mass due to rising sea levels while projecting an increase of another 3 billion people in the next 3 decades, why didn't the governments of the world begin planning for this eventuality, like decades ago? I think I know the answer.

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    Default Re: Birth rate in U.S. falls to lowest level in 32 years, CDC says

    I've said repeatedly that we need to prepare for our own climate refugees: people escaping floods, droughts, damage from intense storms, raging forest fires and other environmental disasters that will drive people to abandon their homes in search of a life in a safe location. We have made no preparation for this very predictable situation; there has never been any political will. And soon you'll see these migrants within our own 48 states, moving, hopeful, disappointed and homeless. Because God forbid, preparation will cost <<gasp>> money.
    The planet will survive. Our ignorant, stupid, selfish species will not. Perhaps in 10 million years our replacements will be wiser.
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