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Thread: Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

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    Default Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 14 2019

    Antibiotics aren't only bringing closer the era of the super-bug—they also increase your chances of heart attack and stroke if you take them long enough.
    People taking the drugs for two months or longer were 32 per cent more likely to develop cardiovascular disease, say researchers who reviewed a study involving around 36,500 women.

    This means the drugs will cause six more women out of every 1,000 to develop heart disease who otherwise wouldn't have done so.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics Raise Risk Of Heart Disease And Stroke

    Respiratory problems, urinary tract infections and dental problems don't seem to me to require long-term antibiotic treatment. The one I can think of that does fit that description is the treatment for Lyme disease.
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