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Thread: Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

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    Default Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 13 2019

    Muscle-building protein shakes and snack bars could be doing more harm than good in the long run. They'll certainly help bulk you out, but they could cause health problems in middle-age and could even reduce your lifespan, researchers are warning.
    The shakes are rich in one type of amino acid—the branch-chain amino acids (BCAAs)—and we need more, and different, amino acids if we're going to have a healthy diet, researchers from the University of Sydney have found.

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    Default Re: Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Seems like we Americans are already consuming far more protein, mainly beef, than our bodies require. Bodybuilders surely know that there are healthier ways to bulk up and build muscle.
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    Default Re: Protein Shakes: Muscles Today, Health Problems Tomorrow

    Most serious body builders know protein shakes are bad news. Unfortunately, the typical, uninformed gym goer who's looking to bulk up quickly depends on these unhealthy shakes. The serious body builders I know eat lots of tuna and non-fatty fish, and drink lots of water. In fact, muscle tissue is mostly water. There's more water in muscle tissue than fat tissue. So, someone looking to bulk up on muscle would do well to add plenty of water, eat normal protein meals, and forget the protein shakes.

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