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Thread: Full Fat Diet Protects Against Diabetes

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    Default Full Fat Diet Protects Against Diabetes

    Bryan Hubbard
    May 20 2019

    The health benefits of eating full-fat dairy food have been underlined yet again with news that the diet also prevents type 2 diabetes, often a precursor of heart disease.
    A major study last year showed that the diet reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease, overturning the 'clogged arteries' theory that has warned for nearly 40 years that full-fat foods were a cause.

    The diet is doing the same for type 2 diabetes. A new study has discovered that people consuming full-fat cheese and milk have a 21 per cent lower risk of developing diabetes compared to those following the low-fat diet.

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    Default Re: Full Fat Diet Protects Against Diabetes

    Yes, some study says that full-fat dairy products are healthier than other saturated fats may lower the risk of diabetes. Also, it finds that the people who have eaten eight portions of full-fat dairy products per day had lessened to develop type 2 diabetes than those who ate fewer per day.

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    Default Re: Full Fat Diet Protects Against Diabetes

    The lowfat subset of the food industry will continue to fight this truth tooth-and-nail. Their survival depends on it!
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