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Thread: Obesity and Brain Shrinkage

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    Default Obesity and Brain Shrinkage

    Beth Levine

    Carrying excessive weight is bad for your heart, increases your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, and might decrease your lifespan. But did you ever think that obesity could shrink your brain? Probably not, but according to new research, it may do just that—and potentially reduce your cognitive abilities as you get older.
    The study, which was conducted at Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands, found that obese people appear to experience greater shrinkage in their brain tissue than normal-weight folks, and the changes often start to occur during middle age.1 These results are based on an investigation that included more than 12,000 men and women living in the United Kingdom. All the subjects were between the ages of 45 and 76.

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    Default Re: Obesity and Brain Shrinkage

    I like this article because it was very careful to point out the limitations of the study, placing significant caveats around its findings. Here's an excerpt: "The research was not designed to prove cause & effect, only to determine an association. And......there was no assessment of the subjects' cognitive skills. Therefore, we have no idea whether these changes in structure and volume are necessarily affecting memory or any other metal abilities." So, even if obesity "is associated with" brain shrinkage, so what? We can't show any bad effects. Love it.

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