I encourage you to read to the end, because there are some unexpected agents at work here.

Jon Barron June 06, 2019

  • A new study demonstrates that ultra-processed food may lie at the heart of unwanted weight gain.
  • Unfortunately, ultra-processed foods are now almost impossible to avoid.
  • There may be a way, however, to minimize the damage done by those unhealthy foods that sneak their way into your diet.

Certainly, most of you reading this newsletter already know that processed foods are unhealthy. A small percentage of you manage to avoid them entirely. Good for you! But tens of thousands probably eat some every now and then–not like the mainstream population that literally “lives” on ultra-processed foods, but still more than is good for you. They’re just too omnipresent, too convenient, and almost unavoidable. Heck, if you go to Whole Foods, there’s whole sections of candies and sodas. And at the deli counter, all the meats are “manufactured” (i.e., processed) so that they’re uniform and easy to slice. So, despite the best of intentions, most people who know better still eat some ultra-processed foods.

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