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Thread: Mailchimp Shuts Down Greenmedinfo's Newsletter For "Anti-Vaccine" Content

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    Default Mailchimp Shuts Down Greenmedinfo's Newsletter For "Anti-Vaccine" Content

    GMI reporter
    June 20 1019

    Dear GreenMedInfo Supporters,

    With the recent censorship and de-platforming efforts via social media outlets like Pinterest, and Facebook, the last thing we expected was that our presumably apolitical and neutral email service provider would so suddenly and blatantly violate our freedom of speech by shutting our account down. After all, you also have the right to enjoy a free newsletter you and 300,000 others around the world voluntarily and enthusiastically subscribed to.

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    Default Re: Mailchimp Shuts Down Greenmedinfo's Newsletter For "Anti-Vaccine" Content

    When I saw this announcement in my email I was at a loss for words. The ban hammer of censorship has struck down one of the few and very likely the most comprehensive collections of peer-reviewed alternative medicine in existence. I've been a member of GMI for years, and I'd support them in this crisis if I had the means. When the censors shut down independent sources of truth, it's time to question what, if anything, remains of democracy in America.
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    Default Re: Mailchimp Shuts Down Greenmedinfo's Newsletter For "Anti-Vaccine" Content

    It seems Mailchimp, as part of the CDC Partner Foundation, has a huge conflict of interest. More worrisome to me are the growing number of restrictions being placed on the freedoms of speech & press. What ever happened to intellectual disagreement and each side is entitled to their opinions and convictions? Bottom line: Shutting down GreenmedInfo. seems a sure sign that one side thinks the other side is winning. The good news: GreenmedInfo. will surely find another (and perhaps even better) email service provider. This is a temporary, but ugly, setback.

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