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Thread: Exposé: billion-dollar back surgery scam, doctor kickbacks, fake hardware

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    Default Exposé: billion-dollar back surgery scam, doctor kickbacks, fake hardware

    CBS News
    July 21, 2019

    Nearly a decade after Bill Reynolds and Mark Sersansie first learned about one of the most outrageous medical frauds in California history, they met with some of the patients who say they are still suffering from the devastating consequences of this scam.
    "After surgery, it was nothing but pain-filled days," said patient Derika Moses. "I couldn't sit, I couldn't walk. I couldn't be a parent."
    "I didn't want to live anymore," said patient Gisela Fabila.
    "You didn't want to live anymore?" Alex Ferrer, host of "Whistleblower," asked. "No. One time, I was planning, 'I'm going to go outside, and I'm going to run' -- said, 'I'm going to kill …'" Fabila recalled in tears.

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    Default Re: Exposé: billion-dollar back surgery scam, doctor kickbacks, fake hardware

    I wish I could truthfully say, "Wow! Shocking!", but unfortunately, as awful as this is, it's not shocking. And when I read about the long-term pain some of those operated on endured, I have to wonder if some ended up addicted to prescription pain killers.

    One of those who went to jail over this, according to the article, was a California state senator.

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