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Thread: Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children

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    Default Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children

    Hello friends,

    I want to share my daughter's story here. I am a Canadian and my husband is an Indian. We both met during our college days. We fall in love with each other and married as per Indian tradition. And we were settled in India. After one year, our daughter was born. We moved to Canada as a part of my husbands work. Even after 2 years of my daughter's birth, she was not talking anything.

    We were afraid and approached for
    Pediatric occupational therapy services. We wanted to know why our daughter is not talking. They asked us which languages we are using. I talk in English, my husband talks in Hindi and our servant also talks in a different language. It is because of this linguistic difference some children are not able to grasp and develop in their initial stages. We started using only the English language for communication as per the suggestion of the occupational therapist. Now our daughter had started talking and we are happy about it. We should be very careful about our children in their developing stages. Therapies like this can help them to develop.

    Are there any other suggestions or methods?.. Please do share here.

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    Default Re: Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children

    Estheranil, I am not a psychologist, a pediatrician or a linguist, but I do know that language acquisition comes easiest when children are youngest. That window for the ease of learning language closes at about the age of 10 or 12. We can certainly learn a new language throughout our life, but language comes easiest to the youngest children.

    In your case the therapist was apparently correct. Maybe your daughter was confused by so many languages in one household. I have an Irish brother-in-law who moved to Hong Kong and married a Chinese woman. Their three children, my nephews and nieces, heard both Cantonese and English spoken at home and grew up fluent in both languages. But it's quite possible that a third language was just too confusing for your daughter to master. It sounds as though you and your husband did the right thing by speaking a single language for your daughter to absorb.
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    Default Re: Pediatric Occupational Therapy for children

    Estheranil: Welcome to HH. I am happy your daughter is now speaking. Some research involving children all over the world show that learning two or three languages at the same time does not delay a child's ability to speak. Some experts conclude that there may be other issues for speech delay. Also, the research shows that some children learning multiple languages may speak fewer words in a particular language, but when you add together all the words they can speak from all the languages, the total number of words usually equal the same as a child speaking one language. Read more here:

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