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Thread: Fat - Probably The Least Understood Endocrine Organ

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    Default Fat - Probably The Least Understood Endocrine Organ

    ANH International
    July 3 2019

    More than just energy storage, body fat is a highly complex and essential part of being healthy

    Fats have been touted as the bad boys on the nutritional block courtesy of some bad science in the 60’s and 70’s. Luckily, we now have much more accurate nutritional science to explain why you follow a fat-free diet at your peril. In fact, far from being foe, fats are friends, but just like you choose your friends carefully, so too with your dietary fats.

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    Default Re: Fat - Probably The Least Understood Endocrine Organ

    This is a great read. I learned much from this. The topic it did not touch on is "persistent organic pollutants," or POPs. These are chemicals (some called them toxins) the body can't break down and chooses to store them in visceral adipose tissue, or belly fat. One reason most weight programs recommend "gradual" weight loss is rapid weight loss of fat releases more POPs into the system than the body can handle at one time. Polyphenols, found in most berries, hazelnuts, plums, cherries, black currants, artichokes, cloves, etc., can help the body get rid of POPs.

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