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Thread: Sesame Seed Oil Found To Treat One Of Chemotherapies Nastiest Side Effects

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    Default Sesame Seed Oil Found To Treat One Of Chemotherapies Nastiest Side Effects

    Sayer Ji
    July 1 2019

    Chemotherapy often involves the injection of highly cytotoxic agents. As a result, veins can undergo great damage, inflammation, and pain. But nature has one remedy -- sesame seed oil -- that has been clinically proven to prevent and treat the condition

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    Default Re: Sesame Seed Oil Found To Treat One Of Chemotherapies Nastiest Side Effects

    Sesame seed oil, as noted in this article, benefits skin & blood vessels when applied to the skin. It also works well when a little is used on salads. High heat cooking destroys some nutritional value. Sesame is high in vits. & the minerals: copper and zinc, together these minerals help to reduce inflammation and pain especially around joints. The polyphenols in sesame also helped with inflammation and improve circulation. Organic sesame is best because of the processing methods. Non-organic sesame oil leaves a lot to be desired. I alternate the use of organic, cold pressed olive oil and sesame oil.

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