GM advocates have long been pushing the failed "Golden Rice," and much ink has been spilled over its effectiveness, or lack thereof. The below articles should put the matter to rest at last.

GM Watch, No author cited
21 June 2019

GMO promoter lost in fantasy land fails to acknowledge need to store and cook rice

The well known GMO promoter C.S. Prakash is in ecstasies over a new study on golden rice, the genetically engineered grain that has been hyped for the last two decades as a lifesaver for millions suffering from vitamin A deficiency (VAD).
The new study, Prakash tweeted, constitutes a “checkmate” for golden rice’s critics, who have long been skeptical about whether golden rice could produce enough beta-carotene, or provitamin A, to help those who suffer Vitamin A deficiency.

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And here's a good article on the study showing that the provitamin A (beta-carotene) in GM golden rice degrades rapidly on storage and even further on cooking – two things that are always done to rice in the developing countries targeted by the developers of the crop.

Golden rice beta carotene disappears fast: study
Emran Hossain
New Age (Bangladesh), Jun 27,2019