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Thread: Baking Soda Can Eliminate 'Up To 96% Of Pesticides'

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    Default Baking Soda Can Eliminate 'Up To 96% Of Pesticides'

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    July 10 2019

    Researchers have found that baking soda can successfully eliminate up to 96% of pesticides from vegetables and fruits.
    In fact, studies have shown that baking soda is even more effective at removing pesticides than regular bleaching procedures. Since baking soda is highly alkaline, it is able to neutralize pesticides by breaking them down into molecules.
    University of Massachusetts published a study on the effects of baking soda on Gala apples. In the study Gala apples were sprayed with two types of pesticides – phosmet, which is a known insecticide, and thiabendazole, a fungicide.

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