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    Default BILL AND MELINDA GATES FOUNDATION KICKED OUT OF INDIA has a "pending" assessment for this site. The story is two years old. It has the flavor of conspiracy, alleging that Indian children were used as guinea pigs in vaccine trials without consent. I reviewed more mainstream sources; see them in my reply.

    2 years ago

    Yes, the Microsoft founder and the icon of the Third-World Humanitarianism has been kicked out of India as his fraud was called out. He came to India posing as a philanthropist and humanitarian helping the Third-World poor people by alleviating their conditions and yes, of course, “VACCINATING” their children.
    But, only a couple of years earlier suspicions started to emerge. As, reports of their themselves being heavily invested in the companies which were manufacturing those vaccines started to appear. Native Indian doctors and health activists started raising objections as the illegality of the testing of those vaccines on poor children started to come out into the open. Suspicions arose that he may have committed a crime against humanity by illegally testing vaccines on poor innocent children. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation had been facing trials in the Supreme Court of India since then and a couple of months earlier they were kicked out of this country. So that, they could no longer kill innocent poor Indian children by illegal vaccine testing.

    Keep reading:

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