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Thread: Sitting At Home Increases Heart Risk (But Sitting In The Office Doesn't)

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    Default Sitting At Home Increases Heart Risk (But Sitting In The Office Doesn't)

    Bryan Hubbard
    July 12 2019

    When it comes to sitting, the many ways we do it aren't equal. Although sitting around has been lumped into one big risk factor for heart disease, how—and where—we sit carries different risks.
    Sitting at a desk at work doesn't seem to increase the risk of heart disease, and yet lounging in front of the TV at home does.

    Previous studies have concluded the more sedentary people are, the more likely they are to develop heart disease and suffer an early death.

    But researchers from Columbia University's Irving Medical Center found it wasn't quite that simple. They tracked the lives of 3,592 African Americans, who are at higher risk of diabetes and heart disease anyway, and found that only sitting at home increased the chances further

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    Default Re: Sitting At Home Increases Heart Risk (But Sitting In The Office Doesn't)

    When I work (or play) online, I set the timer for 20 minutes. I get up and move. It may only be to refill my coffee, or feed the parrots, or make the bed, or put away an item I took out earlier, or let the cat out. The point is, I'm moving. Does it help? I dunno... I'm still here and healthy. And I ignore that rule if I'm watching a movie!
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    Default Re: Sitting At Home Increases Heart Risk (But Sitting In The Office Doesn't)

    A healthy heart is determined by numerous factors! This study only accounted for sitting while at home or at work. And, this study relied on what 3,600 people told them or self reported, which is generally the most un-reliable type studies. That said, exercise (not sitting) is just one factor to be considered in heart health. Other key factors include: DIET (what did the participants eat and most important: when did they eat? If you eat a huge meal and then flop down on the couch for 4 hrs. watching TV...of course this isn't good for your heart). SMOKING (cigarette & cigar smoking pretty much wipes out exercise advantages). STRESS & OVERALL HEALTH (higher socio-economic levels are often associated with healthier lifestyles. What illnesses did participants have? high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic illnesses, etc. There are so many factors not considered in this study. Sorry, I don't find the results very convincing. Too many unknowns.

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