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Thread: Whom Does the FDA Work For?

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    Default Whom Does the FDA Work For?

    No longer an "Action Alert," that deadline passed long ago. But I thought this was interesting.

    Alliance for Natural Health, no author cited
    November 12, 2013

    Some 92% of back pain sufferers were relieved by this natural treatment, and gout sufferers too, but now it’s banned to make way for an expensive new copycat FDA approved drug.
    Colchicine, the active compound in the herb Colchium autumnale, is a powerful healer. It should only be used with qualified professional supervision, but can be very effective in several important ways:

    • Oral colchicine tablets can be used to treat gout, as well as familial mediterranean fever (FMF, a rare, inherited inflammatory disorder). Oral colchicine has been available as a generic prescription drug since the 19th century, but was never formally approved by the “modern” (post-1960s) FDA, since there is no financial incentive to develop a drug that can’t be patented.
    • Compounded, intravenous colchicine.As discussed by Dr. Jonathan Wright in his Nutrition and Healing newsletter, integrative doctor Dr. Michael Rask innovated a new use for colchicine in the 1950s: he found that treating patients intravenously with colchicine alleviated back pain in 92% of patients, with relief after a single dose—and in the majority of patients, that pain relief was permanent. These results were replicated in several other studies, and compounded colchicine was used safely and effectively for about fifty years.

    Now this powerfully effective natural medicine is gone, the victem of medical politics.

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Whom Does the FDA Work For?

    I am sorry that such effective medications are not available to everyone.

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