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Thread: Feverfew Compound Killing Leukaemia

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    Default Feverfew Compound Killing Leukaemia

    Bryan Hubbard
    August 12 2019

    Feverfew—the common garden plant that combats migraine and arthritic pain—also contains a compound that kills leukaemia, usually considered a chronic and incurable cancer.
    Scientists have isolated the compound, parthenolide, to kill chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells in the laboratory.

    University of Birmingham researchers say they discovered a method of isolating the compound and modifying it to enhance its cancer-fighting qualities. Parthenolide increases the number of unstable molecules in cancer cells until they reach the point where they self-destruct.

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    Default Re: Feverfew Compound Killing Leukaemia

    This is great news!! According to the researchers, a major positive factor is the feverfew compound (parthenolide) attacks only leukemia cells and has no significant toxicity to normal cells. In contrast, the chemotherapy drug commonly used for leukemia--cytarabine--reportedly has a "high toxicity" to normal cells.

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