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Thread: Antibiotics And Bowel Cancer: Study Finds Link

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    Default Antibiotics And Bowel Cancer: Study Finds Link

    Tim Newman
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    A recent study looking for a link between antibiotics and cancer risk uncovers a complex relationship. The researchers conclude that there is an association between antibiotic use and an increase in colon cancer risk, but a decrease in rectal cancer risk.

    . With the advent of antibiotic resistance, doctors are more conscious than ever before of limiting these drugs. However, the use of antibiotics continues to grow globally. From 2000–2010, consumption increased by 35% to 70 billion doses each year.

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    Default Re: Antibiotics And Bowel Cancer: Study Finds Link

    Interesting finding!! There's positive research resulting from the whole "antibiotic resistance" problem. This study reminds me of one posted here at HH a few weeks ago about antibiotics causing gut microbes to stop signaling the the lining of the lungs that an impending flu bug was about to invade. By the time the lung cells mounted a defense, the flu had taken hold and became more deadly.

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