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Thread: Bad Sleep More To Do With Wine Than Coffee

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    Default Bad Sleep More To Do With Wine Than Coffee

    Bryan Hubbard
    August 23 2019

    Not sleeping well? It's more likely down to the glass of wine you had before going to bed than a late-night cup of coffee, researchers reckon. Despite the belief that caffeine keeps us awake, researchers say they couldn't find any evidence that drinking coffee in the evening is the culprit. Instead, smoking and wine were more likely to cause a sleepless night.

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    Default Re: Bad Sleep More To Do With Wine Than Coffee

    Oh, I beg to differ but then, that's what we all are, different. Coffee after 2 p.m. is guaranteed to affect my sleep. Wine? Soothes and relaxes, elevates my spirits (no pun intended) and helps send me to dreamland.
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