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Thread: Let's Beat The Vitamin D Pandemic Before It Beats Us

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    Default Let's Beat The Vitamin D Pandemic Before It Beats Us

    ANH International
    August 28 2019

    As summer draws to a close in the northern hemisphere, you’d imagine most people will feel satisfied that they’ve benefited from the elevated levels of the ‘sunshine vitamin’. The truth is rather different. Study after study, whether in children, pregnant women or the elderly, reflects the pandemic nature of vitamin D deficiency.
    If you’ve got yourself out in the summer sunshine with large parts of your body exposed for 5 to 30 minutes, a couple of times or more a week, you might have got your circulating 25-hydroxy (25[OH]) vitamin D levels into the optimal range (100-150 nmol/L [40-60 ng/ml]).

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    Default Re: Let's Beat The Vitamin D Pandemic Before It Beats Us

    This has been a strange summer. As most of you know, over the course of the summer I expose much of my body to the rays of the noonday sun. I'm fortunate in having a very private backyard area and being retired, I have time to spend in the garden with a hoe in my hand midday. But I've never felt the intensity of sunshine like this before. It used to be that I could garden nearly nude for hours and never even come close to burning. This summer I can't tolerate the direct sun for more than 10 minutes at a time without feeling as though I'm burning. Can the sun possibly be getting hotter? That's not what global warming is supposed to mean!
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