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Thread: Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

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    Default Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

    I thought "Islander" et al would find this "grammar lady" CBS News item interesting.

    Steve Hartman
    May 31, 2019

    New Hope, Pennsylvania — Imagine you're out walking, shopping, or doing some other gerund, when out of nowhere, a woman on the street prepositions you. What would you think? You might think, who is this crazy lady? Who sees grammar as such an imperative, that she sets up a table just to talk about it?
    By day, Ellen Jovin runs a company training people in business communications. But her real passion is linguistics. She has a huge library of grammar and stylebooks from Arabic to Zulu.
    To share the knowledge and have some fun, last year she began setting-up her grammar table around New York City, where she lives. It went so well, she is now taking the table to the collective noun that is America.

    Continue reading at:
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    Default Re: Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

    Now that's funny. We need more sparkling writers like Steve Hartman!
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