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Thread: Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

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    Default Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

    I thought "Islander" et al would find this "grammar lady" CBS News item interesting.

    Steve Hartman
    May 31, 2019

    New Hope, Pennsylvania Imagine you're out walking, shopping, or doing some other gerund, when out of nowhere, a woman on the street prepositions you. What would you think? You might think, who is this crazy lady? Who sees grammar as such an imperative, that she sets up a table just to talk about it?
    By day, Ellen Jovin runs a company training people in business communications. But her real passion is linguistics. She has a huge library of grammar and stylebooks from Arabic to Zulu.
    To share the knowledge and have some fun, last year she began setting-up her grammar table around New York City, where she lives. It went so well, she is now taking the table to the collective noun that is America.

    Continue reading at:
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    Default Re: Confused about grammar? This expert wants to talk

    Now that's funny. We need more sparkling writers like Steve Hartman!
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