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Thread: Eating Mushrooms May Help Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

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    Default Eating Mushrooms May Help Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

    September 5 2019

    A new study published in the International Journal of Cancer found an inverse relationship between mushroom consumption and the development of prostate cancer among middle-aged and elderly Japanese men, suggesting that regular mushroom intake might help to prevent prostate cancer.
    A total of 36,499 men, aged 40 to 79 years who participated in the Miyagi Cohort Study in 1990 and in the Ohsaki Cohort Study in 1994 were followed for a median of 13.2 years. During follow-up, 3.3% of participants developed prostate cancer

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    Default Re: Eating Mushrooms May Help Lower Prostate Cancer Risk

    Thanks for posting! Unfortunately, the study stated it did not capture the specific mushroom types eaten by participants. However, based on other studies I've read in the past, "Reishi mushrooms" (Ganoderma Lucidum) are the mushrooms most often identified as being beneficial for prostate health and potentially preventing prostate cancer. In addition to reishi mushrooms, the following nutrients are highly touted for prostate health: 1. curcumin, 2. grape seed extract, 3. zinc, 4. pomegranate extract, 5. green tea extract, 6. boswellia, and 7. modified citrus pectin.

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