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Thread: Vitamin B12, Cancer And The Rumour Mill

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    Default Vitamin B12, Cancer And The Rumour Mill

    ANH International
    September 4 2019

    Thereís a string of papers that suggest that long-term use of vitamin B12 is protective against cancer, especially breast and cervical cancers. But one study has sown the seed of mistrust over a vitamin that has long been seen as the archetypal safe vitamin Ė at almost any dose. Itís also one that many people are deficient in, especially vegetarians and vegans. Being a one-carbon metabolism nutrient Ė one thatís essential for cell division, B12ís functions go way beyond simply reducing cancer.

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    Default Re: Vitamin B12, Cancer And The Rumour Mill

    The operative phrase above is "long-term use of vit. B12..." Bottom line: no individual vitamin or mineral should be taken "long term," unless complementary vitamins, minerals, and/or co-factors are also taken. Consuming any individual nutrient for a "long term" can cause a deficiency in other vitamins and minerals. There are 8 different B vitamins that make up the so called B Complex. Generally, they should all be supplemented together. There are special circumstances where supplementing with extra B12 (cobalamin) are called for. For example, as we age our bodies become less efficient at absorbing B12, digestive disorders like Crohn's, and proton pump inhibitors, like Nexium & Prevacid, may increase the need for extra B12 supplementation. However, the long term supplementation of B12 may create an additional need for B6 (pyridoxine) or more B9 (folate, also called folic acid). All the B complex vits. work synergistically. Taking one without the others--long term--is ill advised. For those with special needs for extra B12, it would be prudent to occasionally get tested to determine whether a deficiency exists for the other B vits.
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