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Thread: Florida judge denies parents custody of 4-year-old son with leukemia

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    Default Florida judge denies parents custody of 4-year-old son with leukemia

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    SEPTEMBER 10, 2019

    A Florida judge ruled Monday that the parents of a 4-year-old boy with leukemia lost their bid Monday to regain custody after their struggle with the state over giving him chemotherapy.

    Noah McAdams was removed from his parents’ custody in April when they skipped a chemotherapy session and left the state in pursuit of alternative treatments.

    Noah’s parents, Taylor Bland and Joshua McAdams, and their fight for natural cancer treatment garnered national attention after a multi-state police search ensued when they skipped the chemotherapy appointment and took Noah for a consultation in Cincinnati, Ohio, with an alternative medicine practitioner.

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    Default Re: Florida judge denies parents custody of 4-year-old son with leukemia

    These parents had too many things working against them. Importantly, the grandparent wanted custody and believed in the chemo treatments, which resulted in 98% of children without his type of leukemia going into remission, according to St. Jude Children Hosp. The earlier domestic violence case that resulted in injury to the child and the mental health case against one of the parents also didn't help their case. Unfortunately, the scales tipped the wrong way for them. We can only hope the child comes out OK.

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