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Thread: Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

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    Default Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    Michael Greger
    September 10 2019

    It all started with a famous study entitled “Do sunlight and vitamin D reduce the likelihood of colon cancer?” that was published in 1980. Johns Hopkins University researchers were trying to figure out why states like New Mexico and Arizona have only about half the colon cancer rates of states like New York, New Hampshire, and Vermont. Could it be because New Mexicans and Arizonans get so much more sun? The researchers proposed that perhaps vitamin D, known as the sunshine vitamin, is a protective factor against colon cancer.

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    Default Re: Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    I suppose there just aren't enough peer reviewed randomized studies to confirm what I feel to be true in my bones: vitamin D helps prevent against every misfortune known to man. I get full body exposure midday in summer, and supplement with D3 through fall, winter and spring. I check about every 18 months to make sure I'm maintaining my level at a minimum of 80 ng/mL. (I inadvertently ran it up to 108 at summer's end). I, too, am a colon cancer survivor with no post surgery treatment — no chemo, nothing. And I believe the recommended maintenance dose for supplementation is 8000 IU's per day.
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    Default Re: Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    Yet another article affirming the numerous, manifold benefits of vit. D3. I've read that D3 plays a role in many hundreds of bodily functions. And, these are only the ones they've identified to date. It was actually "mis-labeled" as a vitamin, because it acts more like a "hormone" in the body than a vitamin. **Regarding the amount of supplementation, I've been researching how "fat soluble" vits. (A, D, E, & K) interact with each other. I'm just getting started, but what I've learned so far is that vit. D3 decreases the absorption of vit. E--by a significant amount. This would suggest to me that the more vit. D3 we take the more vit. E we need. They are both stored in the liver and fat cells. So, we don't avoid the problem by taking them at separate times because they're always present.

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    Default Re: Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    Really vitamin D is a pro-hormone or hormone precursor, neither a true vitamin nor a true hormone.

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