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    September 12 2019

    Unless the FDA makes an exception, consumers will lose access to affordable CBD oil. Action Alert!
    Over the last couple of years, ANH has been reporting on the many benefits of CBD oil, a non-psychoactive compound found in the hemp plant. Among other things, CBD oil is extremely helpful in managing pain. You might think that, in the midst of a crippling epidemic of opioid addiction, a public health agency would be interested in preserving access to affordable, non-addictive pain remedies. But the FDA could shut the door permanently on consumer access to affordable CBD oil, unless concerned citizens make their voices heard.

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    Did that. Seems silly, since there is no THC in CBD oil or other CBD products. And of course, anyone who lives in a cannabis-legal state is free to purchase and use any cannabis-related substance.
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    Did that!

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