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Thread: Choline Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer's

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    Default Choline Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer's

    October23 2019

    Taking the dietary supplement choline every day could reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer's—and it's something that vegetarians and vegans in particular should be doing.
    The nutrient helps regulate memory and nervous system functioning, and its richest sources include chicken liver, eggs, grass-fed steak and milk—which are off-limits for vegans or vegetarians. The non-meat sources of choline include Brussels sprouts and wheat germ.

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    Default Re: Choline Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer's

    Well I do get organic chicken livers from the birds I raise, though I doubt I'll be doing this any more. I also get plenty of OG eggs (bartering for apples with the neighborhood Amish) and now there's a local source of grass-finished beef. I still can't afford steak, but at $4.50/lb. for ground beef, I assume I'm still getting the choline benefits. (Compare $4.50 with supermarket equivalent, which is almost double and definitely not local!)
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    Default Re: Choline Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer's

    Choline is used in numerous body functions, including the structure of cell membranes. So, choline plays a double role in preserving brain health: 1. it is part of the essential material in brain cell membranes; and 2. it is converted into acetylcholine, which improves the function of brain neurotransmitters.
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    Default Re: Choline Supplements Protect Against Alzheimer's

    Mr Wizard, do you have any amplifying information about co-factors which might be necessary for the conversion to acetylcholine?

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