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Thread: Thieves steal 50,000 apples from an Indiana orchard

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    Default Thieves steal 50,000 apples from an Indiana orchard

    Alaa Elassar

    A few bad apples stole 50,000 good ones from an orchard in LaPorte County, Indiana.
    Jon and Robyn Drummond, owners of Williams Orchard, reported to the La Porte County Sheriff's Office last Saturday that thieves had stolen the apples from an acre of trees.
    "I was floored," Jon Drummond told CNN. "When someone comes in and commercially steals from you, it's like, whoa. That's a little disheartening."
    "Almost every single apple from every single tree was completely wiped out," he said. "It was cleanly picked. I was like, oh my God, someone came in and stole these apples."

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