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Thread: Polio Making A Comeback Due To Oral Polio Vaccine

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    Default Polio Making A Comeback Due To Oral Polio Vaccine

    Vera sharav
    Alliance For Human Health Protection

    Recent news reports confirm the worst fears: the oral polio vaccine has caused crippling paralysis because live strains of the oral polio virus in the vaccine have mutated and have become virulent.
    The global War on Polio Appears to Have Backfired

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    Default Re: Polio Making A Comeback Due To Oral Polio Vaccine

    Very disheartening story!! When the vaccine-caused paralysis caused the U.S. to stop using the oral vaccine in 2000, I wish the U.S.A. would have stepped up to stop the use of the vaccine worldwide. If the oral polio vaccine was not good enough for the U.S., then it shouldn't have been administered anywhere. As polio is a highly infectious, communicable disease, it was a bit short sighted on the part of the U.S. to assume that polio outbreaks in other countries would not eventually make it's way to the some point, perhaps?

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