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Thread: What Is The Impact Of Cooked Food V Raw Food On The Gut?

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    Default What Is The Impact Of Cooked Food V Raw Food On The Gut?

    Maria Cohut
    October 2 2019

    It seems intuitive that cooked food and raw food likely impact the gut microbiome in different ways, but there has been little to no research on this topic — so far. A new study in mice and humans now confirms this notion. Because cooking involves exposing food to heat, it tends to change the various foods' physical and chemical properties.

    But do these alterations change the delicate microbial environment of the gut?

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    Default Re: What Is The Impact Of Cooked Food V Raw Food On The Gut?

    Interesting study, but too short to produce any significant findings. The one thing that caught my eye was how the gut reacted to chemicals in the raw foods. I wondered if one of the chemicals was glyphosate. Apparently, it's in almost everything. At this point in our existence, I would think the human microbiome has fully adapted to cooked food.

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