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Thread: Brain Supplement Helps To Treat Schizophrenia

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    Default Brain Supplement Helps To Treat Schizophrenia

    Bryan Hubbard
    October 7 2019

    A 'brain supplement' could help schizophrenics. Sarcosine has been described as a "logical treatment" because it helps restore brain functioning often damaged in schizophrenia.
    It could become part of standard treatment for schizophrenia, a leading psychiatrist says. Prof David Curtis at the Queen Mary University of London's psychiatry center says the supplement is "a very logical treatment and the small number of clinical trials do seem to show that it can be helpful."

    Sarcosine can help rebuild receptors for glutamate, a neurotransmitter that helps the brain function healthily. Without glutamate, people can suffer psychosis, a common symptom of schizophrenia.

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    Default Re: Brain Supplement Helps To Treat Schizophrenia

    Sounds promising. The problem for most people suffering from schizophrenia is that typically a cocktail of drugs are needed to bring relief, including antidepressants and psychotic drugs. Introducing sarcosine into the mix may upset the cocktail and present different challenges for some. Also, psychosocial therapy plays a huge role in the treatment protocol for schizophrenics. The halluncinations, delusions, and other symptoms make this a difficult condition to treat. Since there is no cure, all the supplements, medications, therapy, etc. are meant only to help control symptoms.

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