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Thread: A New Approach To Tackle Superbugs

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    Default A New Approach To Tackle Superbugs

    University of Leeds
    October 17 2019

    Scientists have uncovered a novel antibiotic-free approach that could help prevent and treat one of the most widespread bacterial pathogens, using nanocapsules made of natural ingredients.
    Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) is a bacterial pathogen carried by 4.4 billion people worldwide, with the highest prevalence in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

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    Default Re: A New Approach To Tackle Superbugs

    This is a great discovery. It indirectly confirms my use of liposomal curcumin. The study uses special "nanocapsules" filled with curcumin to attack the H. pylori bacteria. They don't state what the nanocapsules are made of--probably a trade secret. However, liposomes--a type of fatty acid (phospholipid) that comprise a major component of human cell membranes--have been studied for decades and used as a delivery system for dozens of drugs. Liposomes make drugs more therapeutic and nutrients more bioavailable. Bottom line: I think liposome, or liposomal, liquid curcumin will have the same impact on the H. pylori as this new "pharmaceutical" approach.

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