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Thread: It’s Official: California Issues Caution on Cell Phone Use

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    Default It’s Official: California Issues Caution on Cell Phone Use

    An older article that I don't remember seeing anywhere.

    Olga Naidenko Ph.D., VP, Science Investigations
    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 15, 2017

    This week, California officially issued groundbreaking guidelines advising cell phone users to keep phones away from their bodies and limit use when reception is weak. State officials caution that studies link radiation from long-term cell phone use to an increased risk of brain cancer, lower sperm counts and other health problems, and note that children’s developing brains could be at greater risk.
    The state Department of Public Health was forced to release the guidelines in March after a lawsuit by University of California, Berkeley, researcher Dr. Joel Moskowitz. At the time, the department said the guidelines were only a draft, but they now are the state’s official position. The DPH guidelines closely align with EWG’s Guide to Safer Cell Phone Use, published in 2016.

    Keep reading:

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    Default Re: It’s Official: California Issues Caution on Cell Phone Use

    Good for California. Young children & teenagers are especially vulnerable to cell phone radiation. I read that men who continuously use laptop computers on their laps risk lower sperm count, but never knew cell phones could do the same.

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