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Thread: California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

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    Default California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

    Julieanne Geiger
    October 24, 2019

    California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into a nightmare. California might be blazing a trail with getting a large number of electric vehicles on the road, but the only trail California is currently blazing is the wildfire/PG&E fiasco that could once again plunge millions of Californians into the dark in the next wave of blackouts, expected today, the likes of which could sour investor confidence in purchasing a vehicle that relies on sketchy power sources.
    It’s windy in dry California, and apparently that’s enough to trigger another preemptive blackout for PG&E customers. For starters, PG&E will cut power to 179,000 residents on Wednesday.


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    Default Re: California’s Electric Vehicle Dream Is Turning Into A Nightmare

    Hah!! I never considered the impact of California's electrical blackouts on the electric car industry. This is not just limited to CA. An increasing number of states are routinely using rolling blackouts for several reasons. As climate change intensifies and electrical blackouts become even more common, many people will begin to rethink purchasing electrical cars.

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