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Thread: Lauric Acid From Coconut Oil A Promising Weapon Against Infection

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    Default Lauric Acid From Coconut Oil A Promising Weapon Against Infection

    Full Title: Study: Lauric Acid from Coconut Oil Proves a Promising Weapon in the Fight Against Antibiotic Resistant Infection with Severe Burns

    Crystal Lauer
    November 3 2019

    Lauric acid, found predominately in coconut oil, may be a powerful tool in the prevention of infection and promote wound regeneration in severe burn patients, according to a recent study. Along with research that has previously shown the effectiveness of the use of lauric acid in combatting barrier-disrupting issues, the future for the use of saturated fatty acid in inhibiting infectious Gram-positive microbial bacteria and in skin barrier restoration is promising

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    Default Re: Lauric Acid From Coconut Oil A Promising Weapon Against Infection

    The magic is in the lauric acid, which is anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral. Lauric acid also accounts for more than half of the saturated fat in coconut oil. But, surprisingly, coconut oil is almost all saturated fat (about 90%), compared with lard (40%), beef fat (40%), and butter (64%) saturated fat. Lauric acid "may" increase LDL cholesterol and tryglyceride levels in "some" people. However, not all LDL cholesterol is the same. LDL resulting from lauric acid tends to be of the larger particle type. It's the smaller LDL particles, when oxidized, that can be problematic. The good news is lauric acid "may" also raise HDL cholesterol, which is viewed as heart protective. Bottom line: just as all saturated fat is not the same, not all LDL/HDL cholesterol particles are the same.

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