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Thread: Two people just got the plague in China yes, the Black Death plague

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    Default Two people just got the plague in China yes, the Black Death plague

    Jessie Yeung
    November 14, 2019

    Two people in China are being treated for plague, authorities said Tuesday. It's the second time the disease, the same one that caused the Black Death, one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, has been detected in the region -- in May, a Mongolian couple died from bubonic plague after eating the raw kidney of a marmot, a local folk health remedy.
    The two recent patients, from the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia, were diagnosed with pneumonic plague by doctors in the Chinese capital Beijing, according to state media Xinhua. They are now receiving treatment in Beijing's Chaoyang District, and authorities have implemented preventative control measures.

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    Default Re: Two people just got the plague in China yes, the Black Death plague

    I recall quite a few years ago, a couple from NM while visiting NYC, came down with the plague. The wife faired well, but the husband wound up having to have his feet amputated.
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